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The Alabama Scholastic Press Association, sponsored by The University of Alabama, seeks to empower K-12 newspaper, yearbook, newsmagazine, literary magazine and broadcast staffs in Alabama.

Simply fill out the membership form here if want to get your high school or middle school media involved in ASPA. Look here to see a current list of 2017-18 ASPA members.

ASPA hosts The Long Weekend, a summer journalism camp on campus each year, holds a State Convention on campus each spring, and presents a series of Fall Regional Workshops in various Alabama cities each September. ASPA also works in conjunction with and in support of the University’s Multicultural Journalism Program and its summer workshop.

ASPA also participates in events with the Southern Interscholastic Press Association, the National Scholastic Press Association, Columbia Scholastic Press Association, the National Elementary School Press Association, and also coordinates an annual critique of publications and broadcasts and offers individual contests and on-site competitions. ASPA stands ready to assist K-12 journalists and advisers.


ASPA Board of Directors, 2017-19

President: Renee Quaife, Sparkman High School, Harvest
Vice President: Capri Day, Brookwood High School, Tuscaloosa
Secretary: Barbara Bateman, Daphne High School, Mobile
Members at Large:
Birmingham: Connie Nolen, Pelham High School, Pelham
Montgomery: Gina Aaij, LAMP High School, Montgomery
Huntsville: Michelle Sisson Lee High School, Huntsville
Auburn: Beth Antoine, Auburn High School, Auburn
Mobile: Lindsay Koen, McGill-Toolen High School, Mobile


Past ASPA Directors and Coordinators:

1958-80                James L. Nisbet, director, High School Service, Division of Continuing Education
-1976                     William F. O’Connor, director, Field Services, School of Communication
1976-81                 Charles Arrendell, chair, Program in Journalism/AHSPA-AJEA liaison
1980-                     John K. Conroy, director, Office of Campus Programs
1981-82                 Rita Oates, professor of journalism/AHSPA-AJEA liaison
1981-85                 Charles Self, chair, Journalism Department, AHSPA liaison
1982-84                Marian Huttentine, professor of journalism/ASPA coordinator
David Heggem, Office of Campus Programs
1984-92                Marie Parsons, graduate assistant & journalism instructor /ASPA director
1985-87                David Sloan, acting chair, Journalism Department
1987-91                Jay Black, chair, Journalism Department
1991-92                Ed Mullins, chair, Journalism Department
1992-94                Kathy Lawrence, director, Student Media Programs/ASPA director
1992-93                Suzanne Cambell, graduate assistant/ASPA coordinator
1993-94                Jimmy McCollum, graduate assistant/ASPA coordinator
1994-01                Monica Hill, external relations specialist, Division of Student Affairs/ ASPA director
2002-04               Andy Duncan, assistant  director, Office of Student Media/ASPA director
2004-05               Deidre Stalnaker, assistant director, Office of Student Media/ASPA coordinator
2005-07               Amanda Al-Betar, program coordinator, UA College of Continuing Studies
??-07                     Marissa Reeves, instructor, journalism/public relations, liaison
2006-07                Loy Singleton, acting chair, Department of Journalism
2007-                     Jennifer Greer, chair, Department of Journalism
2007-2008           Marie Parsons, emeritus, ASPA interim director
2008- present      Meredith Cummings, journalism instructor, ASPA director

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