Carry-in categories 2016

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Carry-in Competition participants: Entries are $10 each. Please see carry-in guidelines here. Entries must follow guidelines.

Carry-in contests will be as follows. Please let us know (when you register for State Convention) about how many carry-in entries you expect to have in each category. We realize that this is only an estimate. This helps us make sure we have enough judges. Carry-in winners will be announced at State Convention.

Editorial cartoon


Public Service Announcement

Broadcast anchor

Broadcast human interest/feature story

Broadcast news story

Broadcast sports story




Literary magazine cover

Newspaper front page

Newspaper center spread

Newspaper entertainment page

Newspaper feature page

Newspaper sports page

Newspaper op-ed page

Newspaper headline writing

Photography portfolio No more than 7 photos, please

Yearbook academic spread

Yearbook club spread

Yearbook people spread

Yearbook sports spread

Yearbook student life spread